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What We Offer

Beautifully Designed Reports

At Avalore, we're not just designers or copywriters. We are your dedicated partners in turning your data into award-worthy visual stories. Our designed reports go beyond mere information—they inspire action, simplify complex data, and captivate your audience.     Whether it’s an annual report, special report, or impact report, our team is here to collaborate with you every step of the way. We're committed to crafting reports that not only relay information but also tell a compelling story that reflects your organization's values.     Let's create meaningful reports that leave a lasting impression and speak volumes about your brand. Reach out to us today to breathe life into your data and start your journey to exceptional visual storytelling.

Theme & Graphics

Reports are your organization’s roadmap to informed decisions. You don’t just need data. You need data that captivates. Our award-winning report design experts excel in transforming your complex data into compelling visuals using our innovative design approaches and vast experience. The result? Your audience won't just see numbers; they'll understand your story, driving decisions that matter.     When you choose Avalore, you’re opting to elevate your reports and drive success, ensuring your data becomes a catalyst for meaningful decisions.


Your reports serve as the cornerstone of effective communication, decision-making, and influence. At Avalore, we are expert storytellers, shaping more than just narratives; we craft reports tailored to your specific objectives.     What sets us apart? Our copywriting and proofing service centers around you. With your needs in mind, we fuse visuals and text seamlessly to convey a compelling and memorable message. It's beyond content; it's captivating narratives that engage your audience.     Elevate your reports, supercharge your communication, and achieve success with our Denver copywriting and proofing experts. Let's transform your reports into impactful assets together.

Section 508 & WCAG 2.2 AA Compliance

Leverage our team’s Section 508 and WCAG 2.2 AA expertise for substantial time and cost savings. By integrating accessibility from the start, you'll avoid costly code, design, or content revisions down the line, ensuring your budget stays in check. Our compliance experts possess in-depth knowledge of accessibility standards.    Non-compliance is not an option. Legal mandates such as Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act require federal agencies and federally funded organizations to ensure accessibility of their digital content.     An accessible digital environment isn't just about meeting legal requirements; it's about enhancing user experience. This leads to higher satisfaction, increased loyalty, and potential expansion of your customer base. Prioritizing accessibility from the start guarantees inclusivity, legal compliance, and a user-friendly experience.

Say Goodbye to Boring & Dated Reports

We create eye-catching reports that beautifully reflect your brand identity.

Our client-centric approach transforms data into visually engaging narratives, crafting reports that captivate your audience, drive engagement, and leave a lasting impression.     Our team crafts reports that do more than convey information but inspire your audience to take meaningful actions. Our client-focused approach ensures complex information is simplified, creating a lasting impression and prompting your audience to engage and make informed decisions.     Empower your data to tell compelling stories, elevating your report’s impact. Our client-centric approach ensures your data is transformed into visually engaging narratives, creating reports that captivate your audience, drive engagement, and make a lasting impact on your objectives.

Report Design Process

Understanding Your Story

Because your organization is unique, we meet with you to understand your project, vision, and publication goals. We delve into your audience and the intended impact of your report.

Design Concepts

We use the information from the kickoff to develop mock-ups of the report theme so you can see a preview of how your report will look.

Building the Report

We ensure consistent report layout and design. This includes ensuring visualizations of stats and data points are logical, balancing visuals and text effectively, and organizing information into chapters and sections.

Revise, Review, and Signoff

We will carefully review your feedback and implement it in a back-and-forth collaborative process to enhance your final product. We do this by rechecking your report from cover to cover, making any necessary corrections. We imagine ourselves as your audience to determine whether the message is accurate, clean, and clear.

508 Compliance & WCAG 2.2 AA Accessibility

Once you’re satisfied with your report, we provide Section 508 / WCAG 2.2 AA compliance (if desired). This allows us to make sure digital documents are readable and accessible.

Publishing & Printing

Upon final approval, we meticulously prepare your report for publishing and printing. This ensures that the finished product is of the highest quality and ready for distribution to your audience. Need a hand with printing physical copies? We can help with that too.

How to Choose a Report Design Agency in Denver

Portfolio and Expertise

When selecting an agency for report design, the portfolio and expertise they bring to the table play a pivotal role. The quality and style showcased in their past data visualization work offer a window into their capabilities. It's your assurance of a job well done.     Ensuring the agency's design aesthetics align with your brand is paramount. A seamless blend of styles maintains a consistent visual language that's essential for effective communication.     Moreover, their demonstrated ability to translate complex data into engaging visuals is a game-changer. Expertise in this realm is the linchpin to reports that not only inform but inspire, setting you on the path to impactful and compelling communication.

Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication are the dynamic duo in the world of report design. An agency's capacity to foster open and constructive dialogue with your team paves the way for a partnership that thrives on synergy. When you are on the same page, ideas flow freely, and creative solutions take center stage.     An agency's knack for not just understanding but also executing your vision is the linchpin of a successful collaboration. When they translate your goals and target audience insights into a strategic plan, you are on the fast track to report design success. It's about turning concepts into reality.     Collaboration and communication are also the currencies of partnership prosperity. A well-aligned agency not only brings design expertise but also seamlessly integrates with your objectives. The result? Reports that not only convey information but also inspire action, all while maintaining a cohesive vision.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

Inclusivity and accessibility aren't just buzzwords; they're essential components of report design. An agency's dedication to adhering to standards like Section 508 and WCAG 2.2 AA standards demonstrate their commitment to reaching a broader audience.     Most government organizations require reports meet the WCAG 2.2 AA standards. If you are working with an agency who does not understand the nuance of the standards, you risk getting it wrong and paying for a costly re-do.     Make sure you pick a report design partner with the requisite expertise in accessibility.

Timing & Project Management

An agency’s design process isn't just a series of steps; it's the heartbeat of your report success. Opt for an agency which can present a reasonable workplan to meet your report deadlines.     This not only guarantees your reports are delivered on time but also ensures you are not stressed the entire process. Report design is a series of cascading tasks. A solid work plan that builds in the proper steps all along the way can make all the difference in how the experience goes.   Most clients we hear from say this is their number one reason for leaving their current provider.

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Right from our initial exploratory call with Avalore, they displayed an eagerness to understand our organization, what our needs were with the publication, and how we preferred to work. We appreciated the creativity they brought to the design process, which included giving us several design options based on our original input. The Avalore team was always timely and efficient and helped solve problems in the design process rather than give excuses. The work was completed on time and within budget. In short, the Avalore team is professional and collegial, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them on future projects.

-Dr. Vivian Walker - Executive Director, Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

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2023 Best Website Development Company - Denver Metro

In 2023, the Colorado Sun, an independent, award-winning news outlet based in Denver, CO, created a 'Best Of' survey. They invited locals throughout the state of Colorado to vote on some of their favorite businesses in industries of all kinds. We were honored to have been recognized as the Best Website Development company in the Denver Metro region, a distinction that we are incredibly grateful for.

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