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What We Offer

Video Production

We make videos great through a combination of creativity, technical skill, and understanding your target audience. And we use your unique vision as a driving force to ensure every video project becomes a stunning visual masterpiece that resonates with your brand and message.     Our award-winning Denver video production team doesn’t just tell stories; we specialize in crafting compelling narratives. From initial concept to final touches in post-production, our committed experts guarantee your project stands out, engaging your audience while effectively communicating your message.     Our industry-leading expertise and a keen eye on the latest video trends and technologies empower us to provide you with unparalleled guidance. And our extensive range of video production services is strategically designed to help you connect with your audience and bring your ideas to life—making a meaningful impact. Your vision isn't just our mission; it's our passion.     Contact us today to embark on a journey toward compelling visual content that seamlessly aligns with your goals.

Video Editing

The magic of a compelling video lies in the editing room. Our Denver video editing experts craft seamless, impactful narratives that resonate with your audience. We don't just cut footage; we sculpt a story.     With an eagle eye for detail and a deep understanding of pacing, our expert team transforms raw footage into a polished masterpiece. With every frame meticulously crafted to perfection, we cut, craft, color, and master your footage for seamless delivery.     Elevate your videos with the finesse they deserve. Partner with Avalore for video editing that seamlessly blends technical proficiency and creative storytelling, ensuring your message is not just heard but remembered with a level of polish that sets your content apart.

Animation & Motion Graphics

In a world that craves action, animation is your key to standing out. At Avalore, our award-winning animators specialize in delivering dynamic visuals that not only grab attention but also weave compelling stories for your audience.     From explainer videos to character animations and interactive graphics, our Denver animation experts craft experiences that transcend screens. We don't just convey information; we infuse vitality into your concepts, ensuring your audience remains engaged every step of the way.     Avalore animations propel your brand into the spotlight, boosting recognition and skyrocketing audience engagement. We meticulously dive into your visual landscape, to powerfully convey your ideas through animation and motion graphics.     As your animation partner, we’ll craft narratives and graphics that captivate your viewers, ensuring information retention, content sharing, and fostering strong positive associations with your brand.

Drone & Aerial Videography

Rev up your brand impact with our cutting-edge drone video production services. Our seasoned experts don't just capture aerial shots—they find new and interesting ways to make your videos more flexible and useful. Your videos will bring a wow-factor impossible to achieve through traditional methods.     Gain access to angles previously off-limits, giving your promotional content an unparalleled perspective. These aerial views inject a dynamic, cinematic pulse into your videos, delivering a sensory experience that's not just fresh but downright mesmerizing. Our drone skills transform your vision into an unforgettable reality, ensuring your brand stands out with shots that are as unique as they are show-stopping.     Elevate your brand, steal the spotlight, and imprint a lasting impression. Count on the Avalore team to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, making your content not just memorable but downright magnetic.

Where Creativity Meets Precision, Every Frame, Every Project.

The power of video lies beyond visuals. As your Denver video production experts, we're the heartbeat of your brand's epic tale.

Your message becomes an engaging story, meticulously scripted and brought to life through purpose-driven videos that truly connect with your audience. It's not just about storytelling; it's about making your brand unforgettable.     Picture this: a hassle-free journey from idea to masterpiece. With our full-service brilliance, every step of the production process is seamlessly handled in-house. The result? A comprehensive, high-value final product that lets you sit back, relax, and watch your vision come to life without a hitch.     Your success is our unwavering focus. We tailor videos with precision to educate, sell, or engage, making sure your content not only resonates but speaks directly to the hearts of your target audience.

Denver Video Production Process


Establish the objectives, target audience, and key messages for your video. Clear goals are defined, and expectations are set. Based on these goals and objectives, a script is developed. A storyboard outlines the storyline, dialogues, and any visual concepts. The production budget and timeline are discussed and agreed upon. We meet with everyone involved with a detailed walk-through of the process, so everyone is on the same page.


Lights, camera, action! Attention is paid to lighting, sound, and framing to capture the best footage. The producer and production team ensure the shoot is executed effectively. It's important to remain adaptable during production, allowing for retakes or changes to achieve the best results.


All footage is reviewed and organized, and the editing process begins. This includes selecting the best takes, adding special effects or graphics, and editing audio. Sound effects, music, and voiceovers are added during this phase to enhance the video's impact. The client reviews the edited video, and any necessary revisions are made to align with the original objectives.


The final video is prepared for distribution on selected platforms, which could include a website, social media, television, or other digital channels. A strategy for promoting the video can be developed, which may involve social media campaigns, email marketing, or other promotional activities.

How to Choose a Denver Video Production Agency

Communication & Collaboration

Look for an agency that puts you at the center of their focus. Do they communicate well, work closely with you, and really get what your brand is all about? This client-centered approach makes the whole video-making process easier and ensures the result is exactly what you had in mind.     An agency that puts you at the center of their focus takes the time to truly understand your brand. This understanding is crucial for creating a video that aligns with your brand image, resonates with your target audience, and contributes to your overall marketing strategy.     By working closely with you, an agency is better equipped to meet deadlines and deliver a high-quality video within the agreed-upon timeframe. Effective communication helps prevent misunderstandings, reduces the likelihood of revisions, and ultimately saves time and resources.

Pick a Good Team

Choosing a team that truly understands your needs is vital in video production. It’s the secret sauce that transforms good videos into extraordinary ones. A dedicated team that 'gets you' not only fosters efficiency but reta ains lessons learned, ensuring your vision stays consistent and evolves seamlessly.     This isn’t just about ticking tasks off a list; it’s cultivating a shared understanding that ensures your vision evolves organically. Beyond shooting and editing, you want a partnership that ensures your video is more than just a piece of content.     Make sure you know exactly who is going to be on your video production team on the day of the shoot. Many companies will show up with only a single person to do three people’s jobs. That is not a recipe for success.

Portfolio Review & Testimonials

Take a look at the agency's previous projects. A good portfolio showcases their style, versatility, and their ability to produce top-notch videos. Check for projects that are like what you have in mind to see if you’d work well together.     While you’re at it, explore their client testimonials and reviews. Positive feedback is a good indicator of professionalism, reliability, and ability to meet client expectations.     Understanding an agency's problem-solving abilities and the impact of their work on clients' businesses is key. These insights can be valuable in gauging the agency's strategic approach to video production and its potential impact on your brand.

Cost Analysis

When choosing a video production company, clarity on costs and the production team size is crucial. Understanding these aspects helps ensure an agency aligns with your budget and resources. It sets expectations regarding what can be achieved within the set financial parameters.     Know what you're paying for—a smaller or larger crew can impact both quality and expenses. This knowledge allows you to gauge the level of expertise and resources allocated to your project.     Cheaper options might compromise quality, while pricier ones might add unnecessary specialists to your production team. Find a balance. Look for an agency that provides the necessary expertise and quality within a reasonable budget, avoiding both subpar quality and unnecessary expenses.

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Right from our initial exploratory call with Avalore, they displayed an eagerness to understand our organization, what our needs were with the publication, and how we preferred to work. We appreciated the creativity they brought to the design process, which included giving us several design options based on our original input. The Avalore team was always timely and efficient and helped solve problems in the design process rather than give excuses. The work was completed on time and within budget. In short, the Avalore team is professional and collegial, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them on future projects.

-Dr. Vivian Walker - Executive Director, Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

National Recognition & Awards


2023 Best Website Development Company - Denver Metro

In 2023, the Colorado Sun, an independent, award-winning news outlet based in Denver, CO, created a 'Best Of' survey. They invited locals throughout the state of Colorado to vote on some of their favorite businesses in industries of all kinds. We were honored to have been recognized as the Best Website Development company in the Denver Metro region, a distinction that we are incredibly grateful for.

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