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What We Offer

Web Design

In the fiercely competitive online world, standout web design becomes your brand's digital storefront. Our award-winning Portland web design team crafts unique brand presence through innovative strategies and user-centered approaches. Your site will mirror your brand's distinct identity with the perfect colors, fonts, and visuals, leaving a lasting impression.     Your website serves as that pivotal first impression, shaping perceptions of your brand. At Avalore, we assure a visually striking and lightning-fast site for top-notch user experience and increased engagement. Our team's dedication to inclusivity means your website complies with industry standards and reaches all devices.     But we don't stop there. We fine-tune your design for search engines, increasing your online visibility. This transforms your story into an attractive and interactive interface that effectively conveys your brand’s identity and content.

Web Development

Your brand’s online presence speaks volumes. Our Portland web development experts are primed to transform your online goals into reality.     We'll craft a website that's both visually striking and supremely functional, assuring a smooth user experience. Our software developers stay ahead of the game with the latest trends, ensuring your site is at the cutting-edge of technology. Our live website is an example, blowing the doors off Google’s Lighthouse scores for performance, without compromising on the visual aesthetics.     Your website will become a true reflection of your brand's distinct identity, leaving a lasting imprint. We'll organize your content logically for effortless audience navigation. In the web development universe, we focus on the technical aspects to ensure your website isn't just eye-catching, but fully functional and engaging. We aim to make it accessible and responsive for your users.

Cutting-Edge Development with Next.js

Here at Avalore, we thrive on using innovative tools to craft exceptional websites that prioritize speed, security, and reliability. Without a doubt, Next.js is the way to go. It is a leading development framework for exceptional website construction. With added features like lightning-fast loading, it's perfect for showcasing your site to your audience. It's what leading companies like Netflix, Twitch, and others rely on, given its ability to render sites speedy, scalable, and incredibly user-friendly.     Next.js is tailor-made for today's demands—specifically for your needs. We’re equipped to build a highly scalable, developer-friendly, blazingly fast, and beautiful site on Next.js. Allow our expert developers to bring you into the future of web development.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO isn't a choice, it’s a must-have. It’s your ticket to being seen, heard, and successful in a 24/7 online world. Our team is your ultimate ally in boosting your online visibility.     Picking the correct keywords and target audience (the sweet spot) is pivotal. We ensure your site draws genuinely interested visitors, leading to heightened engagement and conversion rates. But SEO isn't solely about keywords—it involves skillfully crafting content that speaks the search engine language through precise strategies and techniques. We can help.     With strategic finesse and technical prowess, we continually adapt to outperform the competition. We’ll deliver an online presence that stands out. Not only will you get noticed and turn heads, but you’ll outrank the competition. Ready to rise to the top? Let’s start now.

Say Goodbye to WordPress, Say Hello to Innovation.

It's time to step away from your dated CMS platform and explore a more intelligent approach.

Bid farewell to slow and cumbersome WordPress sites for good. We promise lightning-fast performance and effortless content management. Enough of plugins constantly updating (and breaking your site) and presenting serious security flaws.     At Avalore we spearhead innovation. We’ll keep you in sync with the latest web trends, enhancing the appeal and effectiveness of your website. Your fresh, contemporary platform will seamlessly integrate new features, making future improvements and expansions hassle-free.     We develop on Next.js, a React framework using headless content management systems to make managing content simple and easy while providing blazingly fast sites.

Portland Web Design Process

Discovery & Research

Our Portland web design experts begin by diving deep into understanding your unique vision and goals. This critical phase ensures we devise a web design strategy perfectly aligned with your brand. By identifying your vision and objectives, we lay the groundwork for a tailored web design process. The result? A fantastic website that mirrors your brand identity and achieves your desired outcomes.

Strategy & Planning

From our findings, we shape a customized web strategy, crafting the blueprint for your site's success. Covering every aspect, from functionality to user experience, we ensure your website not only meets current needs but also sets the stage for future growth. This proactive approach means your website is primed to drive results and provide a stellar user experience right from the get-go.

Design Concepts

Our web design gurus breathe life into your vision with creative and visually appealing concepts. This step allows you to select a design that resonates best with your brand. It ensures your website's aesthetics perfectly align with your unique identity—engaging your audience most effectively.

Development & Prototype

Once your chosen design earns your approval, our meticulous web development brings it to life. Our team promises pixel-perfect execution. Crafting a prototype guarantees your website not only meets but surpasses your expectations, functioning seamlessly and efficiently. This keen attention guarantees an online presence that’s both visually stunning and functionally exceptional to enhance visitor experience.

Migrate Content

Love your current content? Our goal is to smoothly transition it to your new website, maintaining the integrity of your information and assets. This step ensures your website inherits and preserves your brand’s essence. Your content remains a dependable source of information for your audience, even during the transition.

Quality Assurance & Launch

Before launch, your website undergoes rigorous testing and refinement, aiming for perfection before its grand debut. This meticulous QA process promises an extraordinary user experience.

Ongoing Support & Iteration

Post-launch, you’ll receive ongoing support to keep your website fresh and relevant through iterative enhancements. Your website's success is an ongoing journey. We continuously improve based on the latest industry trends and user feedback, ensuring your site evolves in sync with your goals. This unwavering commitment to enhancement keeps your online presence at its peak.

How to Choose a Portland Web Design Company

Review Their Portfolio

When choosing a Portland web design agency, start by diving into their portfolio. It's like peering into their creative world, offering valuable insights for an informed decision. Think of their portfolio as a treasure trove, aligning their capabilities and strengths to your needs to ensure a successful web project that resonates with your brand.     An agency's portfolio reveals their design flair —be it modern, classic, or cutting edge. Ensure their style works with your brand vision. A quality agency showcases versatility, handling diverse projects across various industries and client needs.     Websites vary in shape and size. A portfolio highlights an agency’s experience— whether it's e-commerce, blogs, corporate sites, or specific platforms. This helps in identifying if they’re an ideal fit for your project.

Request References

When assessing a web design agency, the next step is seeking client feedback and references. This is pivotal to gain deeper insights into their professionalism and website track record.     Client testimonials reveal an agency's real-world performance. Feedback guides you through their reliability and reputation. Requesting references offers insight into an agency's project outcomes. This allows you to determine their consistency in delivering successful results.     Gathering feedback and references aids in evaluating an agency's trustworthiness as a partner for your web project. Taking this step helps ensure a smoother and more successful collaboration.

Discuss Project Workflow

Understanding an agency’s operational methods is crucial. It reflects their efficiency and reliability. Discuss their design process and project timelines. This will help you gauge their capacity to navigate challenges and meet deadlines, essential for a successful project.     Workflow discussions reveal an agency’s creativity, methodology, efficiency, and ability to bring your vision to life. Knowing It highlights their adaptability and problem-solving skills during the QA process.     Figuring out their approach to project timelines ensures smoother project progression, too, averting unnecessary delays. It also addresses unforeseen issues for a streamlined journey to completion and launch.

Request a Detailed Quote

Asking, “What will my project cost?” is vital to understand an agency’s pricing structure. Factors like page count, copywriting, custom graphics, and advanced functionality play a role here.     This inquiry ensures no hidden costs and confirms their ability to deliver the quality you desire within your budget. It cements a financially stable and quality-oriented web project.     Requesting a comprehensive quote underscores an agency's commitment to transparent pricing. It guarantees no unpleasant financial surprises later.     An ambiguous quote or an overly simplistic work plan will often lead to an unsatisfactory experience due to cost overruns. Ensuring an agency can work within your budget while meeting your needs is crucial for successful project engagement.

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Right from our initial exploratory call with Avalore, they displayed an eagerness to understand our organization, what our needs were with the publication, and how we preferred to work. We appreciated the creativity they brought to the design process, which included giving us several design options based on our original input. The Avalore team was always timely and efficient and helped solve problems in the design process rather than give excuses. The work was completed on time and within budget. In short, the Avalore team is professional and collegial, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them on future projects.

-Dr. Vivian Walker - Executive Director, Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

National Recognition & Awards


2023 Best Website Development Company - Denver Metro

In 2023, the Colorado Sun, an independent, award-winning news outlet based in Denver, CO, created a 'Best Of' survey. They invited locals throughout the state of Colorado to vote on some of their favorite businesses in industries of all kinds. We were honored to have been recognized as the Best Website Development company in the Denver Metro region, a distinction that we are incredibly grateful for.

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