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We craft compelling visual narratives. We focus on your brand’s identity, storytelling, and audience using graphic design to tell your story.

What We Offer

Graphic Design

In graphic design, each pixel is a purposeful stroke contributing to a larger canvas of creativity. It's an intricate dance between form and function, where the beauty of art meets the precision of intent. As your dedicated artists, we dive into your project, merging skillful technique with boundless creativity.     Our journey starts by understanding your essence. Together, we brainstorm and meticulously refine. To us, graphics aren't mere visuals; they're a fusion of insight, imagination, and artistry, all shaped by your unique vision. Every design we craft maintains your organization’s integrity, while tailored to your project's unique needs. It’s about your vision looking good while delivering on the intended function.     Embark with us, where passion and precision merge, crafting visuals that resonate and inspire. Let our award-winning Portland graphic design team lift your graphics to new heights.


Branding intertwines visual identity with perception. How you present your brand shapes how it's perceived. It's where art and strategy align, echoing values and giving brands a distinctive voice.     Your brand is more than just a logo or a color; it's a narrative, a legacy. Our award-winning Portland graphic design team delves into your mission’s core, weaving a visual story blending design principles with branding strategies for a compelling identity.     With each stroke and pixel, we aim to capture your brand's spirit. It's about creating a cohesive visual language that directly connects with your audience, inviting them into your world.


In graphic animation, it's the subtle touches that breathe life into static illustrations. A gentle sway, a fleeting shadow, or a soft pulse can transform an image into an encapsulating experience. Our Portland animators excel at infusing static designs with that hint of motion, striking a balance between familiar and fascinating.     Our approach starts with understanding the original illustration's intent. We identify elements to animate, preserving your core message while adding engaging layers. Animations vary from grand gestures to nuanced touches, enhancing the design's purpose and strategy.     Step into this dynamic world with us. Witness your illustrations evolve, effortlessly captivating viewers through tailored animations.

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Graphic design defines your brand's image, conveying personality, values, and professionalism in a split second.

Stand out in Portland's competitive market with our award-winning graphic designers at the helm. Partner with Avalore for a fresh, captivating look.    Our Portland graphic design team excels in tailoring designs to your brand, ensuring relevance and enduring appeal. This strengthens connections with current customers and attracts new ones.    Relevant design sparks interest and enhances your brand's reach, forging emotional bonds with your audience. Our graphic design enhances user experience, leaving a lasting, enjoyable impression, fostering trust, credibility, and recognition. The result? Visitors become loyal customers and brand champions.

Portland Graphic Design Process

Research & Creative Planning

The process begins by gathering key information to define the project’s scope and goals. This is followed by targeted research into the client’s industry, competition, and audience to inform our strategic design approach.     This is the primary reason for hiring an agency. At Avalore, we do the heavy lifting of understanding your vision and how to make it come alive with our expertise.


Our designers leverage a blend of artistic vision and expertise using digital tools. They craft exceptional designs that engage and effectively communicate your information.

Evaluation & Revision

We carefully check your designs to make sure they match what the project needs. Revisions are made in a cyclical process until you're satisfied.

Finalization & Packaging

Upon final approval, we make sure every detail is perfect and that the files are prepared to meet your exact requirements before handing them over to you.

How to Choose a Graphic Design Agency in Portland

Compatibility Check

When selecting a Portland graphic design agency, prioritize the agency's creative prowess, versatility, and style. Look for a diverse portfolio showcasing adaptability.     Effective communication, reliable deadlines, and a collaborative approach are important. You want an agency that listens to your ideas, aligns with your brand, and values your feedback.     Pay attention to design innovation, staying updated with what’s trending, and the ability to deliver long-term value. While cost is important, consider the overall impact the agency's work will have on your brand's success.

Review Work & Past Performance

Review their portfolio for quality and variety. A diverse portfolio signals adaptability and allows you to gauge creative capabilities and style.     Quality and consistency are crucial. High-quality caliber work reflects professionalism. Case studies and testimonials provide valuable insight into client satisfaction. Look for flexibility and innovation to ensure an agency has the capability to keep your brand fresh. Assess their capacity to handle similarly scoped projects.     Portfolio evaluation provides an unbiased look at the agency's design expertise. It’s key in determining if their creative style and capabilities are the best match for your brand's visual needs.     At Avalore, we’ve been humming along for over eight years, building up a wealth of experience in organizations of all sizes.

Seek Client References

To find the perfect Portland graphic design agency, use client feedback as your guide. Start by scouring testimonials and reviews that reveal the agency's level of professionalism and work quality through the eyes of previous clients.     Next, look for cues in communication and collaboration. Good feedback here signals a client-centric approach. This is where your input is valued and a collaborative partnership is cultivated.     Look for evidence of real-world impact. Tangible results as documented by clients from past projects reveal the true value an agency brings. Client feedback is your window into an agency's interactions, helping you determine their reliability and the true impact of their design work.     With Avalore, you get a Portland graphic design agency renowned for long-lasting client relationships. Our commitment to maintaining partnerships throughout our history speaks volumes. We believe it’s a testament worth sharing.

Evaluate Communication Skills

Communication skills are pivotal when selecting a graphic design agency. Begin by evaluating their interaction style. Clear, respectful, and accommodating communication is a must in any successful partnership.     Emphasize responsiveness. A dependable agency will keep you informed, address your inquiries promptly, and ensure your concerns are resolved.     You need an agency that values what you have to say and strives for transparency. They should actively integrate your feedback, keep you informed throughout a project, and approach problem-solving creatively. In design, effective communication and collaboration leads to trust and outstanding results.     While graphic design can be done from anywhere, if you’re in Portland and want a partner that understands the local culture—we recommend choosing a Portland-based agency.

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Right from our initial exploratory call with Avalore, they displayed an eagerness to understand our organization, what our needs were with the publication, and how we preferred to work. We appreciated the creativity they brought to the design process, which included giving us several design options based on our original input. The Avalore team was always timely and efficient and helped solve problems in the design process rather than give excuses. The work was completed on time and within budget. In short, the Avalore team is professional and collegial, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them on future projects.

-Dr. Vivian Walker - Executive Director, Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy

National Recognition & Awards


2023 Best Website Development Company - Denver Metro

In 2023, the Colorado Sun, an independent, award-winning news outlet based in Denver, CO, created a 'Best Of' survey. They invited locals throughout the state of Colorado to vote on some of their favorite businesses in industries of all kinds. We were honored to have been recognized as the Best Website Development company in the Denver Metro region, a distinction that we are incredibly grateful for.

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